360 DESIGN BUDAPEST online and offline exhibiton. 
Online exhibiton / www.360dbp.com
"This Autumn, the 360 Design Budapest exhibition will open its doors for the first time - realised and supported by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, the professional partner of Budapest Design Week. The event, held between 8-10 October will present visitors the objects and creations of twenty contemporary Hungarian design brands, set up in the city centre studio located in Budapest. The online exhibition will be supplemented by the works of four national designers."
EXHIBITOR / Adamlamp, Codolagni, Error n’more, Hannabi, Sára Kele, KOMONKA, Ábel Lakatos, LumoConcept, Ádám Miklósi, Oleant, Paper Up, Planbureau, Plydesign, Position Collective, RAWfiction, Anna Regős, Sixay, Socowoo, Studio Nomad, Fanni Ungár, and Master & Master, Crafting Plastic!, Phormy, Anna Horváth
2020 October, I received a very honorable invite to intoduce my atelier at Budapest Design Week. 
Photos: Mohai Balázs
Photos: Boros Lőrinc, Juhász G. Tamás, Villányi Csaba 
HOTLIST / Lucy Upward picks the most inspiring and intriguing textile creations of the moment
"Moment to moment​​​​​​​ / The textiles of Hungarian creative Móni Kovács are both innovative and visually remarkable. Inspired by her previous metal textiles, the new collection, Moment, features an ombre effect where the metal peters out gradually across the textile length until it is purely cotton. Moment was on show at Maison & Objet Paris."
The Hungarian brands were showcased in Paris via the HFDA, with the international promotion of Hungarian design brands under one, strong, Budapest-focused umbrella brand: Budapest Select. The main aim of the Budapest Select brand is for talented Hungarian designers to gain even more attention during international appearances - through unified communication - while simultaneously also maintaining their own branding attributes. Thanks to the umbrella brand, the designers are able to receive far more intensive and effective exposure opportunities, than if they were to appear alone. Further, the umbrella brand contributes to the continual strengthening of the country's and capital's reputation, making Budapest a sustainable fashion and design hub for the Central European region.
Hungary: Budapest Select
Budapest Select exhibits idiosyncratic objects that surpass the pure representation of forms and materials. The project brings together a unique constellation reflecting on the layered intersection of design and art by showcasing objects in an unusual perspective. The way of placing the design works allows for fresh and exciting interpretations, as well as letting visitors immerse themselves in the peculiar creativity and design prowess of Hungarian designers.
According to ROADSTER MAGAZIN, KOMONKA' s Metal textile is the most intresting project now! I am so proude and happy!
At Brera Design District 2019, Budapest Select presents an installation which exhibits idiosyncratic objects going beyond pure representation of forms and materials. The project brings about a unique constellation reflecting on layered intersection of design and art by showing the objects in unusual perspective. The way of placing the design works opens fresh and exciting interpretations as well as allow the visitors to immerse themselves in the peculiar creativity of Hungarian designers.
Exhibiting artist: ADAMLAMP (Juhász Ádám), Andrási Edina, a Brinkus Design (Brinkus Kata), Bokor Gyöngyi, a CODO (Kodolányi Gábor), a Marta Edocs Glass (Edőcs Márta), a Hannabi Sofa (Rácz Anikó), a Biela Collection (Kerékgyártó András), a Knetik Dóra, a KOMONKA Textile (Kovács Móni), a Polyunomi (Lakatos Ábel), a POSITION Collective (Kertész Attila, Simonfalvi Bence) és a STUDIO NOMAD (Pásztor Bence, Tarcali Dávid, Pongor Soma).
A subjective guide to Budapest based new craft workshops Makers of Budapest creates a living imprint of our times by drawing a creative map of Budapest. The format of our book borders on illustrated art books and design guides: it is equally informative, aesthetical and functional, and serves as a creative guidebook and an illustrated anthology of art. Beside the designers grouped by field of creative activities, the shops and galleries are also listed where the objects presented in the previous pages are available, other than the designers’ own workshops. To help find those shops and workshops, the relevant spots are displayed on a map.
MY SILVER TEXTILE was published in COVER MAGAZINE' s Hotlist

"The addition of shine
Light and shine' are the two concepts that drive the textile work of the designer Móni Kovács. Her new Metal Textiles collection drives much influence for her previous metal fabric- that featured in in COVER 48- but these metal threads have been produced from corrosion so can be used long-term in interior setting. Using cotton for the warps, Kovács weaves in brass, aluminium or copper, offering three metallic hues for spectacular wall decor"
By Lucy Upward
2. RUG ART FEST 2018
I won a very special prize. I got a Golden Fork for my Metal Textile collection.
INTERVIEW with me on ROADSTER online magazine
Budapest Design Week 2018
Feels good to hold, practical, pretty and belong to our daily lives. Shine! Collection is the result of SUSU keramika's (Szaffi Asbóth, Flóra Bodnár) and KOMONKA textile's (Móni Kovács) cooperation. They don't believe in perfect but cheerish the beauty of unique and charming objects, somewhat uneven and stained. The exhibition of aesthetic objects of 'table culture' shall open in the very new spot of SUSU keramika, which is a gallery, shop, studio but above all a beautiful space filled with useful art.
SUSU Showroom/ 1027, Budapest, Frankel Leó út 10.​​​​​​​
S/ALON BUDAPEST Home Design Fair 2018
KOMONKA textile meghívást kapott az idei S/ALON Budapestre, ahol nem csak mint kiállítóként, hanem mint installáció tervezőként is debütált. Az installáció a RUG ART FEST + projekt felkérésére készült el. ​​​​​​​
S/ALON Budapest 13 D stand
Interiorlines – Varga Luca, Kovács Máté Gergő, Varga Tamás DLA, Csontos Eszter
Photos: Balogh Kata - Inspirationholic
Kinnarps Hungary | 
Casati Color | 
komonka – Kovács Móni |
Lantos Judit Kerámia|
Innoconcept | 
HELLO WOOD Cabin Fever project 
Hello Wood is an international art program and community for architects, designers and artists. You can read more the Cabin modules project here. My METAL TEXTILE creation was also exhibit there with an other Hungarian designer's works. It was a very special and interesing project! 
Designer: iR arquitectura
Project: Cabin modules
Photo: Bujnovszky Tamás
KAZA concrete design competition
I am proud to present you my PURE EDGE tile design which won a special Award at the KAZA concrete design competition.
Published in OCTOGON Magazine
Moholy-Nagy László Design Scholarship 2016 exhibition at KÉK, Contemporary Architecture Center.
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